I am loving Clubhouse. But for how long?

The relaxed nature of discussion, in my experience anyhow, is charming. I’ve enjoyed diverse conversations with erstwhile colleagues and friends from work. It’s like the Listening Project on the BBC but with people you know, or know of.

As the ‘high five’…

Tiktok is FUN. It is COOL. It is TAKING OVER.

It also represents how, to paraphrase Danielewski, our comprehension “encounters the boundaries of self as they are about to give way” when it comes to new advertising platforms. …

Anyone really missing Cannes? Thought not.

Typical beach scene with Bob Greenberg and John Hegarty at Cannes

Getting up early has its rewards. This is especially true when you’re missing that refreshing six in the morning dip in the Kandinsky blue seas at Cannes.

A year whizzes by pretty fast, lockdown and all, so to lighten the mood in anticipation of a sweltering September here’s a short…

Alastair Duncan

20+ years helping brands grow. I like Hackney and start ups. Agency of the year founder; Digital Hot 100; Cannes Lion winner etc etc.

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