• Daniel Doherty

    Daniel Doherty

    A natural connector who enjoys meeting nice people. I believe social media & technology can help you live your passion.

  • Janne Ruohisto

    Janne Ruohisto

    Founder and CEO of @intunex. Developing a unique social business application that changes the way people locate, share & develop expertise within organizations.

  • Noemi Escudero

    Noemi Escudero


  • Dominic Campbell

    Dominic Campbell

    CEO @FutureGov | Designing Public Services for the Digital Age

  • Matt Creamer

    Matt Creamer

    Editor at Large at Ad Age. Freelance writer and editor. Consultant.

  • Marc Giusti

    Marc Giusti

    Founder - Pivot London, An Innovations Unit for brave Businesses & Brands // Digital Strategist // Chief Digital Officer // Dad and Non-Exec

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